RF Skin Tightening

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Gel is applied to the skin, and radio frequency waves are directed onto the skin to reach the dermis, where they create heat energy. As the waves create energy in the dermis, the superficial epidermis is protected.

The heat energy that reaches the dermis heats up water molecules, which vibrate and rub together, causing additional frictional heat. When the temperature reaches 42 degrees, it will cause collagen fibres in the dermal layer to contract and stimulate collagen reconstruction. Neurotransmitters from the brain sense that the generation of heat is a potential threat, and the body responds by further stimulating collagen and tightening elastin fibers.

This is a natural response by the body, which is putting its defence mechanisms in place. However, the benefits of this defence mechanism are tighter, firmer, and more youthful skin. The skin also has a general freshness to it because the water molecules are excited and produce more oxygen, stimulating the tissue beneath the skin’s surface and helping to reduce scarring and stretch marks. This treatment can be performed three times a week (every two days) for best results, and the client should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water daily to flush out fat cells. We recommend 8–10 sessions for the best results.

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